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Morgan used a Nikon D4 in an SPL waterhousing. 50mm lens – f4.5 at 1/2500sec – ISO 250

Our cover: Steph by Morgan Maassen

Stephanie Gilmore has transcended surfing and has become, in old-media parlance, a ‘household name’. The six-time world surfing champion and winner of the Laureus World Sports Award lives in the public consciousness wearing a smile and contest vest.

So photographer Morgan Maassen went looking for a different depiction of his friend Steph. In the gentle light of a Hawaiian December morning, he followed her out for a surf on the reef at Pupukea Beach Park, and between sets he caught this unique profile.

“Steph’s a good friend, and she’s my favourite person to shoot,” he says. “She’s a delight – always upbeat, frothing for surf, a deep and intellectual world traveller with a quirky sense of humour. We were doing a day-in-the-life thing: we drank shitty coffee, played music, went souvenir shopping, hiked a muddy hill and got chased by chihuahuas. Oddly, a typical day when shooting with her. I wanted to get a shot of Steph smiling, in the water. I asked her to swim around me, then float on her back. The smile happened naturally, as always.

I think this photo captures her eternal stoke and radiant smile viagra kaufen im internet. It’s neither glamorous nor intimate…just a simple photo of her in her perpetual state of bliss, at home in the sea.

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