Volume 2:1

On the Southern Ramparts

Twenty-four Hours Atop Tasmania’s Forgotten Offshore Island Photography by Jon Frank, Story by Jock Serong Tasman Island stands sentinel over the southeast coast of…

The Number You Have Dialled Has Been Disconnected

Many years ago, in fact. But this telephone stands on a shattered timber platform dug into the side of a towering dolorite cliff, on an island at the juncture of the Southern Ocean and the Tasman Sea. There’€™s few more remote phone booths on the face of the earth.

Solo, but Never Alone: Digby Ayton’s French Sojourn

If you’€™ve ever been tempted to despair of the ‘€œKids these days’ variety, despair no longer. In our current issue, we bring you the story of an eighteen-year-old Tasmanian photographer, Digby Ayton, who came up with a personal vision of ‘€œschoolies’€ that makes supervised mobbing on council beaches look dull.

Marlon Williams: Silent Passage

Silent Passage is the rarest of songs: a ballad that makes you yearn for something you can’€™t quite place. What was Carpenter’€™s sailor yearning for? Home? Family? An end to his wanderings? Perhaps the writer foresaw his own future torments when he wrote this lyric.