Volume 1:3

Mick Thomas: Port Melbourne Beach

Mick Thomas walked into the Norla Dome at the Mission to Seafarers just hours after a massive storm had ripped through Melbourne. The Yarra was in flood, the Bay in a state of chaos. It seemed fitting to be hunkered down in a place of refuge for sailors. Mick’€™s beautiful whistling will be new to many listeners, and his song, Port Melbourne Beach, has never been recorded before. Enjoy the wild acoustics of the Dome, and read the full story behind the recording in our issue 1:3. Download Port Melbourne Beach here –

After the Storm: the story of Hanabeth Luke


In our new issue, we bring you the inspiring story of Hanabeth Luke, the self-published author of an important memoir called Shockwaves. Here’€™s an excerpt from the foreword by Australian writer and publisher Tim Baker:

“You’re young, in love, and in paradise … surfing, traveling, partying. Then in one terrifying wave of heat and noise your reality shatters into a million pieces that can never be put back together. On October 12, 2002, a massive car bomb ripped through the popular Kuta nightclub, the Sari Club, killing 202 people and maiming many others. Hanabeth Luke was hamming it up on the dance floor to cheesy pop tunes with a friend when a loud bang, like a car back-firing, momentarily silenced the music and dimmed the lights. Dancers stopped and heads turned, but the music and flashing lights soon came back on and the party resumed. But only for a few seconds … “The noise which came next I will never forget. It was an empty sound that did not resonate. It was a thud, like the slam of a car door, but multiplied to a volume I simply cannot describe,” Hanabeth writes in this extraordinary memoir. Hanabeth survived the Bali Bomb, somehow crawling through the flaming wreckage and using fallen electrical cables to shimmy over a four metre high concrete wall. But her boyfriend Marc Gajardo was killed instantly in the blast. The heart-wrenching story of young love, and lives, cut short is chilling and confronting,. Her raw and honest account of those dreadful events brings the spectre of terrorism into sharp and intensely personal focus. Yet it is the story of what Hanabeth has done since which brings a spark of hope and light to this awful chapter in our history. Confronting world leaders, campaigning for peace and against the war on terror, raising money and awareness, resolving to squeeze the most from every day, Hanabeth’s inspirational tale provides a stirring case study in survival and healing.”

Hanabeth credits much of her recovery from despair to the ocean: from wandering Europe alone in the aftermath of her experience (and incredibly, becoming a bellyboarding world champion along the way!), to surfing heavy waves in southwest Western Australia, to returning to the waters of Bali and surfing at home near Byron Bay.

We think you’€™ll love our print story on Hanabeth, but by the time you’€™ve read that, you’€™ll want to delve deeper: here’€™s where to purchase Shockwaves ‘€“

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