Solo, but Never Alone: Digby Ayton’s French Sojourn


If you’€™ve ever been tempted to despair of the ‘€œKids these days’ variety, despair no longer. In our current issue, we bring you the story of an eighteen-year-old Tasmanian photographer, Digby Ayton, who came up with a personal vision of ‘€œschoolies’€ that makes supervised mobbing on council beaches look dull.

After finishing secondary school in Hobart, Digby embarked on a solo voyage down the canals of France, winding his way slowly to the sea, on his own but engaging with the locals everywhere he went. A meal for a portrait, a repair for a day’€™s work. The result was a life-affirming tale of random kindness in a foreign land.

We think you’€™ll be hearing a lot more from Digby in years to come. In the meantime, here’€™s a couple of video samples from his travels for you to enjoy, until you’€™ve got Great Ocean Volume 2:1 in your hands.

A Dinghy On The French Canals. Part 1 from D.A on Vimeo.

A Dinghy On The French Canals. Part 2 from D.A on Vimeo.

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