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If you’d like to contact us directly, as opposed to just leaving a comment, then drop our Editor, Jock Serong, a line at:


Are you a writer? Photographer? Artist, digital media guru, poet, journalist or an improbable combination of all these things? Does the sea run through your veins and sometimes corrode your nib?

If so, we’€™d love you to submit your work to Great Ocean Quarterly.

Our journal can only ever be as good as its words and images, and as a result, we’€™ll only accept the very best work in our pages. The good news is, you don’€™t have to be a Big Name. You don’€™t have to have an agent, a book deal or a PhD. You don’€™t need to have an exhibition, a retrospective or a celebrity scandal. You don’€™t have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude.

Here are our guidelines:


Please submit all written material to our Editor, Jock Serong via

GOQ is constantly on the lookout for well-researched, well-written features journalism about the ocean: history, science, personal experience, adventure, profiles and more. So if you have a trip planned, or you’€™re engaged in fascinating work, let us know about it. BUT ‘€“ those words again ‘€“ fascinating and well-written. We make no apologies for running only the very best stories.

We also run fiction (generally up to 4,000 words) and poetry. It’€™s a tough market out there for creative writers, and we’€™d love to support you.


Please submit all images to our Creative Director Mick Sowry on

Mick likes lo-res images on his email, or if you’€™re going hi-res in the first instance, use a drop-box service like WeTransfer. Obviously we need to know that you’€™ve got your images in a hi-res format in the event that we do publish.

We accept individual photographs for our My Ocean pages (just with a handful of words about the shot and about you). We also run extended photo-essays for rare and highly worthy shots, and we welcome archival and contemporary photography and illustration for our feature stories and fiction.


Here’€™s the administrative gumph we need to tell you up-front:

  • We only publish material about the ocean and people’€™s relationships to it, although a great many things can be connected to the ocean in the most peripheral of ways. Having said that, you may write eloquently about your pet hamster, but unless it is a seafaring hamster, please look elsewhere.
  • We’€™re very firm about our editorial independence. All of our stories must be authentic and unique. Sorry, but we won’€™t do branded content.
  • We take an editorial board approach to all submitted material. That is, our publishing team looks at submitted work together and makes a consensus decision. So if we’€™ve said no, we apologise, but it’€™s never an individual decision.
  • We promise we’€™ll open that email fast, respond quickly to your submission and even give you feedback. But because we’€™re a quarterly, the lead-time for accepted material to appear in print can be quite long. Please bear with us.
  • We will negotiate payment individually for all contributions and will make payment 60 days after publication.
  • You retain copyright in, and ownership of, your work. You grant us the right to re-publish in GOQ, online and for promotional purposes.