Bass Strait Islands

Australian artist Fred Williams OBE (1927–82) was one of the greatest landscape painters of his generation and changed the way Australians viewed the landscape….


A Culture Adrift

The Bajau Laut people, also known as the “sea gypsies”, or “nomads of the sea”, live their entire lives on the ocean. This traditional community, living between the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, has adapted to life at sea as no other people in the world. However, poverty is forcing many families to abandon some of their traditional lifestyle and jump into modernity.


An Eye in the Sea

  I’ve been seduced by icebergs, and over the past few seasons I’ve been working on them at every opportunity. They’re a perfect metaphor…


Leanne Tennant: Bearing The Crown

Soon Leanne is seated on the timber porch, picking out sparse notes on her guitar, the sound disappearing into the thickened air, a space already occupied by rainbow lorikeets in the canopy above. A raucous chorus of birds and a heat like a lead weight, not entirely the elements of paradise most readily invoked in mid-winter daydreams.

Then it happens…

Photo: Phillip Hoare

The Diminishing Feast of Eden

Philip Hoare’s reflections on the Anthropocene, in the next Great Ocean Quarterly Volume 2:2 ~ Then, as suddenly as we sailed into the mist, the…


High Seas Drifter

  Did you know that you know a left-handed jellyfish? In Volume 2:2 of Great Ocean Quarterly Jennifer Ennion comes to grips (carefully) with the many mysteries of…